Our Philosophy

Coach Tammy and Erik at the Quad pdx

Your source of Fitness, Fun, Commitment, and Community.

Our Programming at The Quad is designed to build flexibility, strength, and conditioning through highly varied and challenging workouts with the goal of helping our members improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness.

Classes are based on functional movements and include elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, rowing, kettlebells, dumbbells, body-weight exercises, and more.

All movements are scalable and customized to each member’s skill level.

Fun, Local, Convenient

Enjoy easy access to our Beaverton facility, located near Hall Blvd and Hwy 217.

Always clean and well maintained, this is not your typical “gym” environment. Here you’ll find all the equipment you need for a total body, functional workout to help you build strength, enhance mobility, and chisel off any unwanted body fat.