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How Does Hydration Impact Your Body’s Health, Performance, and Recovery?

Picture this: You're on a summer hike, scaling a challenging trail under the scorching sun. As you push your body to conquer the steep terrain, a subtle fatigue starts to creep in. Your muscles feel heavier, and each step [...]

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The Secret to Effective Weight Loss for Women Over 50 with Personal Training

"Age is just a number" - a phrase we've all heard before, but how often do we truly believe it? If you're hesitant about starting an exercise routine later in life, take a page out of Joan MacDonald's book. [...]

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Home Gym Made Easy: The Top 5 Pieces Of Equipment Every Personal Trainer Recommends

When it comes to fitness, personal trainers like us understand that not everyone has access to a full gym with all the latest equipment. If you're looking to build strength and stay in shape there are 5 top pieces [...]

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Wearable Fitness Trackers for a More Effective Personal Training Experience

Table of Contents What Exactly Are Wearable Trackers And How Do They Work? Altimeter 3-axis Accelerometer Bioimpedance Sensor Gyroscope Optical Sensor Temperature Sensor Why Should We Track Our Health? Watch Your Blood Pressure Track Your Calories Keep A [...]

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What Is ‘Functional Fitness’ And How Do I Do It?

Table of Contents What Is ‘Functional Fitness’ And How Do I Do It? What Is Functional Fitness? How Does Functional Fitness Work? Who Benefits The Most From Functional Fitness Training? What Functional Fitness Is Not How To Do [...]

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How Exercise Benefits The Body And Mind

Exercising can sometimes be viewed as something people do just to lose weight or gain muscle. It’s true that keeping your body moving can produce a change in appearance, but it also offers a variety of internal changes as well as cognitive and mental health improvements. Engaging in regular exercises like lifting weights, everyday functional movements or anaerobic exercise is extremely helpful in improving whole body function. When your body has a habit of being active, you’ll experience an increase in both physical and mental stability, endurance, and strength.

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Why Resistance Training Is Important As We Age

Resistance training can sometimes be mixed up with weight training. Weight training is, simply put, training with weights to build muscle, while resistance training is specific to using push or pull methods, with different types of equipment, like weights, body weight, resistance bands and more. Resistance training is great to begin at any age, but it becomes much more important as we get older due to the natural mechanics of the human body.

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Why 10,000 Steps A Day Is Important And How To Get It Done!

Sometimes doing the minimum might sound lazy. In the case of increasing physical activity by walking 10,000 steps in a day, you can do the minimum while getting the maximum amount of benefits and not be lazy at all! In fact, you may even find it to be fun.

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