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Proper instruction, equipment knowledge, and dietary support are all qualities that any professional personal trainer should offer. At The Quad, our personal training program goes a step further. You’ll be able to go at your own pace while reaching fitness goals through stable accountability, fun learning techniques, and unmatched encouragement that keeps you motivated and on track.

Strength training is for everyone, not just professional athletes. Physical exercise is essential to staying healthy for all age groups. Our gym is open to everyone from all walks of life. We’re here to guide you to a life of fitness and good health.

Not Your Typical, Corporate Gym

Unlike big, corporate gyms, we actually care about you and your fitness goals. You won’t find cookie-cutter workouts at the Quad. We actually take the time to understand you and your fitness goals. We like to think that we emphasize the “personal” in personal training.

You will get the best results by working one-on-one with your personal fitness and lifestyle coach, who will help you create a customized blueprint for success and then guide you through every step of the way.

Benefits Of Personal Training At The Quad:

  • Private gym time, you get the gym all to yourself

  • No waiting to use equipment

  • Clean space that’s ready to use

  • Undivided attention from your personal trainer

  • One on one or group training to fit your comfort and schedule

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Real Results

Custom Goal Based Personal Training

Have you ever tried to workout with a goal in mind but for some reason could never reach it? That’s because everyone’s body is different. Personal training isn’t just about getting on a workout plan. Our aim is to find what works for you so you can get the results you’re looking for, and have fun along the way.

At The Quad, clients are propelled to participate in exciting challenges with a variety of workouts that actually make them feel good about their physical and mental state. Not only will you be provided with a fitness plan specifically tailored to your needs, you’ll also receive personal nutritional coaching for delicious foods that put a boost on your healthy lifestyle.

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Personal Training

Meet Coach Erik

Hi there, I’m Erik, Lead Trainer at The Quad. After thousands of hours training and coaching people to be active and healthy, I started noticing some gaps in the mainstream fitness industry that were holding me back from serving people in the most impactful way.

So we set out to create an entirely new system of personalized training and group accountability. We created The Quad to be the only place you need for Fitness, Fun, Commitment, and Community!

Personal Training FAQ’s

 We are expecting 12-16 people per class. We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and comfortable environment to participate in the workouts without feeling crowded or cramped.

 Absolutely! We understand that restrictions and injuries are a common occurrence. We want everyone to be able to engage in the workouts as much as possible without further injury.  Scaling and adjusting the workout on a per person basis is definitely something we do!

The bootcamp is ongoing. Class members can join or leave the bootcamp at anytime. We do require some advanced notice when leaving the bootcamp so we can ensure that you are not charged for the next month.

Yes! We can scale and adjust our group workouts to meet athletes wherever they are in their fitness journey.

Our workouts are designed to increase cardiovascular ability, endurance, and strength. You might not end up with big bulging muscles, but we strive to have total body toning be a result of consistent training with our workouts.

Of course! While we encourage you to participate in both workouts for maximal results, if you choose to only sign up for one, you can easily drop into the second class intermittently with a secondary fee associated with the addition.

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